Vacationing is expensive, but you can cut costs! 

This year I am taking my family to Disney World in Florida in December. That’s 16 people! Total cost for a week’s vacation  for this many people 7k. 

The most exciting part about the trip is Walt Disney World, but we are actually spending the week in Florida and only one of those days are in Disney. 

I make very little money, and my household has 6 people. One person income. How am I able to afford another 10 people on top of that without going into debt? 

Budget and Save. I have been planning this trip for 2 years.  I have been nickle and diming this vacation and saving and earning pennies every way possible.  

  REWARD AND CASH BACK PROGRAMS: I have many of these on the go. Combining all of them I save/earn 100-200 a month. (That’s one ticket paid for! And some change left over for other things) 

  • Ebates:With the help of Ebates cash back programs I was able to get $500 back in the two year span!! I do a lot of shopping for my business so this is very handy. You also get $5 for every friend who signs up and makes their first purchase.  
  • Swagbucks: Another site that gives you points for signing up friends, buying product through them, and filling out surveys. I earn about 20-40 a month using this site. Instead of cashing the money to paypal, you can use it for Starbucks. That’s like FREE Starbucks Coffee at Disney while admiring the magic of both the caffeine and your children’s imaginations. 
  • iRazoo: like swag bucks you complete surveys and get rewarded. My referral code is GMAEBK Go to the site by clicking here
  • Checkout51: This one is a favourite. All you do is buy groceries and the store gives you back money on select items. It’s like using a double coupon sometimes. I get back $20 a month on average. Which goes into my savings with all my other cash back money. 
  • AirBnB: aside from the Disney tickets, sleeping accommodations is the most expensive part about planning a trip anywhere. I use AirBnB for all of my travelling. Lucky for me a few of my friends use it also and they signed up using my link. Using my link got them 25 dollars off their accommodations. AirBnB also credits you 25 dollars each time a friend who signs up using your link books a place to stay. Having a large family being able to stay in an entire home is extremely helpful and convenient.
  • Swipejoy: This is an advertising app for your phone. You give the app permissions to show you advertisements on your lock screen. This averages out to be $5 a month ($60 a year) in your PayPal account. Or you can donate it to charity. 
  • Applike: This is a new app that pays you to play games. It’s cute and it helps pass the time at work. Another one that averages  $5 a month. 

Another way I save is I price match.  Everything I price match I put the comparison amount into my savings account. 

Another way I’m able to stay within budget?

Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead.

Follow my countdown of activities and preparations while we get closer to the date!!