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May the 4th

I have missed a few weeks but I’m back. We have been keeping up with the game plan of watching all these movies once a week, but I haven’t been taking photos or posting. 

We now have 31 weeks left on the countdown. Today was all about the Star Wars. We watched many episodes of the Clone Wars cartoon. And then we had several activities. 
The kids started with invitations in their lunch bags. (They also got taken out of school for a half skip day) 

Activity one: We picked our Star Wars names. 

I got this image from a Google search for may the fourth.

Second activity: Star Wars yoga. 

This is just a screen shot of this Pinterest post. 

Third Activity: Star Wars Bingo. 

For this activity I made bingo cards by making a 5×5 table in Microsoft word. I then found 25 different Star Wars themed clip art to fill the squars. Due to making 4 cards I scrambled up the images three other times. To call out the images I made small cards of images I chose and just grabbed at random. First one to make a row of 5 won. 

Activity number 4: Lightsaber battle. 

We first had to make the lightsabers. 

This is an image I found online how to make it. Clicking on the image left me with no source on who made this. 

We then needed some rules: 

Activity number 5: Shooting down all the Storm Troopers. 

I printed off a bunch of Storm Troopers on some cardstock. Left some space under the feet to fold under and hold them up. The kids then took turns shooting down all the troopers. 

This whole day cost me $8. 

(Note: Star Wars was not on the list of Disney movies. But since Disney owns the franchise and I’m a giant nerd, today was a fun exception) 


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