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39 weeks to go!!!! 

This week’s Disney activity was Cinderella themed (animated version) we watched the movie and made a few paper activities.  

The two oldest wanted nothing to do with this activity. So I printed 3 copies of each activity. Used cardstock paper I already had and my printer. So cost was free. Maybe used 50 cents worth of supplies. 

I hate hate hate cutting out these paper dolls. Took me an hour and my kids buggered off 15 minutes in. They still wanted to play with the dolls, so I sat here all alone cutting the dolls… finally they were all done and we got to play Cinderella clones. 

The crowns were cute. And extremely easy to cut and put together. 

Again, incase you missed the countdown to Disney activities idea post, I got the inspiration for this at #DisneyWeekend


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