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Step one to budgeting: Plan. 

Today I spent the day looking at things to do that everyone would be interested in doing. After Disney and house rental (which is at a resort with plenty of things for entertainment without paying any additional costs), we have 4000 left for gas (we are driving), food, and fun. A small list of activities. If I try to pack anything else in there it might be difficult to enjoy our stay. 

Where to go, what to do, and prices…

Price: 26.99 for everyone over 12 and 18.99 for everyone under. (these are in USD) There is also a 2.50 coupon off online for each adult. 2 months ahead of time we should start looking for groupons see if we can find it cheaper.
City of Winter Park- Community Playground

It’s a park that looks like a castle. Pretty sure its free and we can rent a pavilion for a price (don’t know the cost of that… I cant find it anywhere)
Chip N Dales Campfire sing along

FREE!!!!!! And you get to roast marshmellow and hot dogs that we purchace from the store… so I say this costs $10 for all of us.
ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES!!!!!!!! And boat rentals.

$5 a person if you get nothing but pancakes… but my family enjoys eating… so im saying 10+ for every adult.
Dinosaur World!. 

Love this place! Went here 2 years ago. The staff is amazing!! 14.50 for each person and this gives you access to everything the park has to offer.


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