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Creative ways to save.

Pinterest has 100s of different ways you can save money based on how much you can afford to save. A few suggestions:

  • Quit smoking (this costs 10 bucks a day for some people) 
  • Stop drinking Starbucks  (this one I did. It was tough. I spent 150 on a latte machine so I can make everything at home. I’m saving 20 a day..yes I drink THAT much coffee) 
  • Cancel magazine subscriptions and follow them online instead…I find it has the same information and you’re helping the environment
  • Take your own lunch to work…sounds simple but it takes a lot of preparation.
  • Change up your mobile plan. I went from 160 a month to 30 for 2 phones. I changed my phone to a tablet plan. Use WiFi and the 3gb of data that’s part of my plan. I use a phone calling app to make calls.
  • Skip the salon, cut at home. I no longer pay to get my hair cut. I do the put all your hair in a pony tail at the top of your forehead and then cut the ends. Works perfect every time. I save 200 every 4-6months. (I have 3 girls, plus myself) 
  • Stop shopping. Another hard one. I love new clothes and shoes. One pair of Uggs is the price of a Disney ticket. 

Many other options out there. Research what’s best for you.

Slow and steady wins the race!

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