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Creative ways to save.

Pinterest has 100s of different ways you can save money based on how much you can afford to save. A few suggestions:

  • Quit smoking (this costs 10 bucks a day for some people) 
  • Stop drinking Starbucks  (this one I did. It was tough. I spent 150 on a latte machine so I can make everything at home. I’m saving 20 a day..yes I drink THAT much coffee) 
  • Cancel magazine subscriptions and follow them online instead…I find it has the same information and you’re helping the environment
  • Take your own lunch to work…sounds simple but it takes a lot of preparation.
  • Change up your mobile plan. I went from 160 a month to 30 for 2 phones. I changed my phone to a tablet plan. Use WiFi and the 3gb of data that’s part of my plan. I use a phone calling app to make calls.
  • Skip the salon, cut at home. I no longer pay to get my hair cut. I do the put all your hair in a pony tail at the top of your forehead and then cut the ends. Works perfect every time. I save 200 every 4-6months. (I have 3 girls, plus myself) 
  • Stop shopping. Another hard one. I love new clothes and shoes. One pair of Uggs is the price of a Disney ticket. 

Many other options out there. Research what’s best for you.

Slow and steady wins the race!
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May the 4th

I have missed a few weeks but I’m back. We have been keeping up with the game plan of watching all these movies once a week, but I haven’t been taking photos or posting. 

We now have 31 weeks left on the countdown. Today was all about the Star Wars. We watched many episodes of the Clone Wars cartoon. And then we had several activities. 
The kids started with invitations in their lunch bags. (They also got taken out of school for a half skip day) 

Activity one: We picked our Star Wars names. 

I got this image from a Google search for may the fourth.

Second activity: Star Wars yoga. 

This is just a screen shot of this Pinterest post. 

Third Activity: Star Wars Bingo. 

For this activity I made bingo cards by making a 5×5 table in Microsoft word. I then found 25 different Star Wars themed clip art to fill the squars. Due to making 4 cards I scrambled up the images three other times. To call out the images I made small cards of images I chose and just grabbed at random. First one to make a row of 5 won. 

Activity number 4: Lightsaber battle. 

We first had to make the lightsabers. 

This is an image I found online how to make it. Clicking on the image left me with no source on who made this. 

We then needed some rules: 

Activity number 5: Shooting down all the Storm Troopers. 

I printed off a bunch of Storm Troopers on some cardstock. Left some space under the feet to fold under and hold them up. The kids then took turns shooting down all the troopers. 

This whole day cost me $8. 

(Note: Star Wars was not on the list of Disney movies. But since Disney owns the franchise and I’m a giant nerd, today was a fun exception) 

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39 weeks to go!!!! 

This week’s Disney activity was Cinderella themed (animated version) we watched the movie and made a few paper activities.  

The two oldest wanted nothing to do with this activity. So I printed 3 copies of each activity. Used cardstock paper I already had and my printer. So cost was free. Maybe used 50 cents worth of supplies. 

I hate hate hate cutting out these paper dolls. Took me an hour and my kids buggered off 15 minutes in. They still wanted to play with the dolls, so I sat here all alone cutting the dolls… finally they were all done and we got to play Cinderella clones. 

The crowns were cute. And extremely easy to cut and put together. 

Again, incase you missed the countdown to Disney activities idea post, I got the inspiration for this at #DisneyWeekend

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Disney Now!!

There’s 40 weeks and a few days until our vacation….. Yes, I’m counting down every second!!! 

Thanks to inspiration from  #DisneyWeekend , my plan is to celebrate Disney every weekend until then. Frugally of course!!!

40 weeks = 40 movies!!! 

Each weekend will have a movie (that we already own) and a related paper craft and/or snack. 

Estimated cost: 5 dollars a weekend/ $200 for the 40 weeks. 

Our list of movies.

  1. Cinderella
  2. Snow White
  3. Sleeping Beauty
  4. The Jungle Book
  5. Bambi
  6. 101 Dalmatians
  7. Lady and the Tramp
  8. Alice in Wonderland
  9. The Sword in the Stone
  10. The 3 Caballeros
  11. Tangled and Tangled Ever After
  12. Aladdin
  13. Beauty and the Beast
  14. The Lion King
  15. Monsters Inc.
  16. The Incredibles 
  17. Mulan
  18. Hercules 
  19. The Little Mermaid
  20. Robin Hood
  21. The Aristocrats 
  22. Tarzan
  23. Pocahontas 
  24. The Princess and the Frog
  25. Hunchback of Notredom 
  26. The Rescuers 
  27. The Empirors New Groove
  28. The Black Couldran 
  29. Lilo and Stich
  30. Oliver and Company 
  31. Brother Bear
  32. Atlantis 
  33. Treasure Planet
  34. Chicken Little
  35. Bolt
  36. Ducktails the Movie
  37. Toy Story
  38. Peter Pan
  39. A Goofy Movie
  40. Tangled

Stay tuned for weekly updates of this fun activity!!! 

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Free Starbucks at Disney! 

I’m on a mission. FREE Starbucks at Disney. 

Technically it’s not free, it costs your time. About 20 minutes a day for a week. And then you need to convince 100 of your “best friends” to do the same thing!!

This is done by Swagbucks and their refer a friend program. If you refer a friend, and they earn 3 dollars, you get 3 dollars and your friend gets a bonus 3 dollars (One time). 

Each Starbucks Coffee is about 10 bucks if you’re doing it right. So fellow “best friends” let’s get ourselves some free Starbucks!!! Who’s with me!!??

If you’re with me and you use my code, please make sure killmak is there. Would definitely be helping a girl out!!! 

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Step one to budgeting: Plan. 

Today I spent the day looking at things to do that everyone would be interested in doing. After Disney and house rental (which is at a resort with plenty of things for entertainment without paying any additional costs), we have 4000 left for gas (we are driving), food, and fun. A small list of activities. If I try to pack anything else in there it might be difficult to enjoy our stay. 

Where to go, what to do, and prices…

Price: 26.99 for everyone over 12 and 18.99 for everyone under. (these are in USD) There is also a 2.50 coupon off online for each adult. 2 months ahead of time we should start looking for groupons see if we can find it cheaper.

City of Winter Park- Community Playground

It’s a park that looks like a castle. Pretty sure its free and we can rent a pavilion for a price (don’t know the cost of that… I cant find it anywhere)
Chip N Dales Campfire sing along

FREE!!!!!! And you get to roast marshmellow and hot dogs that we purchace from the store… so I say this costs $10 for all of us.

ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES!!!!!!!! And boat rentals.

$5 a person if you get nothing but pancakes… but my family enjoys eating… so im saying 10+ for every adult. 

Dinosaur World!. 

Love this place! Went here 2 years ago. The staff is amazing!! 14.50 for each person and this gives you access to everything the park has to offer.